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Siemens' continued investment in Hull welcomed by UKIP MEP as "sign of things to come in post-Brexit era"

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News of investment in UK by German company comes after multi million pound investment by chemical company INEOS Oxide
14 July - 2016
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Bradford Council must investigate CSE now, not when it is politically expedient" - Jane Collins MEP

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Bradford MEP Jane Collins has slammed the statement by Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe who says that the 'time is not right' for an inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation saying "If the council has nothing to hide, it has nothing to fear."
Article first uploaded 11 July - 2016

Jane Collins Defends Brexit on Radio York

Jane Collins makes a rousing defence of the UK's decision to leave the EU after being challenged by a BBC presenter on the issue. Click above to listen now...
Article first uploaded 04 July - 2016

UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEPs: “Farage took Brexit from a theory to reality.”

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UKIP’s Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEPs, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem have praised the work of Nigel Farage following his resignation, saying, “his vision has brought independence back to the British people”.
Article first uploaded 04 July - 2016

The True Migrant Crisis

Six months after first seeing the migrant crisis in Northern Europe for himself, UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem returns to see how the situation has developed. What he found shocked him. Click image to watch

UKIP - The Steel Crisis

UKIP MEP's, Roger Helmer, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem discuss the causes, effects and solutions to the steel crisis with industry figures in Sheffield. Click the image below to watch.

The Migrant Crisis in Calais & Beyond

When Mike Hookem set out to see for himself the dangers faced by British hauliers crossing the channel at Calais, little did he know that he would be threatened with a gun, caught in a riot, run for his life, and witness the true scale and misery of the people smuggling rings operating in Northern France. This documentary follows Mike and his fellow EFDD MEP’s, Jane Collins, Margot Parker, Jill Seymour and Steven Woolfe as they examine what is happening in Northern France. Click below to watch.

Mike Hookem in the Calais 'Jungle'

UKIP's Mike Hookem MEP is interviewed in the Calais "jungle" for the Daily Express newspaper. Mike speaks about the clearance of the sprawling migrant camp, the failures of the EU to tackle the migrant crisis and how the problem is spreading to other

UKIP Energy Policy 2014

UKIP's official 2014 Energy Policy, "Keeping the Lights On" is now available to download in PDF format

UKIP Fighting Wind Farms

UKIP's Guide for campaigners,"Fighting Wind Farms, now available to download in PDF format

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