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DUP deal must not be used as excuse to derail Brexit says UKIP

NewsJane Collins MEP says the Common Travel Area predating the EU means there is no need for the DUP's concerns over the border to derail Brexit.

Tory U Turn on ECHR "undermines security of our nation"

NewsThe Conservative Party u turn on withdrawing the UK from the ECHR means we cannot extradite or deport known criminals and terrorists.

Jane Collins MEP responds to terror attacks in Manchester

NewsNo, I will not 'keep calm and carry on': innocent lives have been lost and we must not treat these murders as 'normal' in today's society.

Statement from Jane Collins MEP on Westminster Terror Attack

NewsUKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins says the time has come to take a tough line on radical Islam and not pander to people who would rather not offend than protect.

Only "tough love" will stop migrant crisis says UKIP MEP

NewsReport from the International Organisation for Migration shows huge leap in number of deaths of migrants crossing to Europe as migrant crisis starts again for another year.

Keep Calm - Keep UKIP


Clarification on illegal immigrant numbers

NewsFollowing attacks on Ms Collins for saying the UK did not have secure borders and illegal immigrants still enter the UK, we have provided statistical evidence.

Jane Collins speech to conference

NewsUKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins blasts the lack of investment in the UK Border Agency and calls for the Prime Minister to clarify the transitional agreements which compromise Justice and Home Affairs independence the UK may be tied up in.

Europol Chief 'Still Fighting For Project Fear' Says Collins

NewsUKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins has slammed comments by Europol chief Rob Wainwright saying "EU agencies need us more than we need them."

UKIP calls on May to rule out 'compromise' over justice and home affairs

News "We cannot be part of schemes which are diametrically opposed to independence" says UKIP's Home Affairs spokeswoman
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