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Jane Collins MEP – “It is time to shake off the shackles of multiculturalism and get real integration and dialogu

NewsUKIP Home Affairs Spokesman speaks out on the problems of integration and segregation following report on the state of UK communities

Jane Collins MEP becomes UKIP Home Affairs Spokeswoman

NewsParty reshuffle gives Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP major spokesman role.

Jane Collins speaks to LBC on Paul Nuttall

NewsJane Collins says "Labour should be very, very worried" following the election of Paul Nuttall as UKIP leader.

The UK is welcoming economic migrants instead of refugees, says Jane Collins MEP

NewsThe liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the hands of the evil Islamic State terrorists is finally underway.

Jane Collins MEP – “We have to fully understand what has happened in the past to protect children in the future”

NewsCSE Campaigner criticises Dame Lowell Goddard over memo to MP’s which say sex abuse inquiry should focus less on the past and more on current standards of child protection

Inaugural ‘Meet your MEP’s Meeting


“Survivors and the public betrayed by third false start in abuse inquiry” – Jane Collins

NewsCampaigning UKIP MEP demands government “gets a grip” on the child abuse Inquiry


NewsUntil now I have not taken part in the UKIP leadership debate, wanting the decision on who takes our party into its next chapter down to the membership. But recent events have led me to believe that the membership are not being given a choice and that this election is simply a battle between two sides, each with a puppet candidate. I do not want UKIP to join up with the Conservative Party and abandon its core policies of a small state and freedom.

Siemens' continued investment in Hull welcomed by UKIP MEP as "sign of things to come in post-Brexit era"

NewsNews of investment in UK by German company comes after multi million pound investment by chemical company INEOS Oxide

Bradford Council must investigate CSE now, not when it is politically expedient" - Jane Collins MEP

NewsBradford MEP Jane Collins has slammed the statement by Council leader Susan Hinchcliffe who says that the 'time is not right' for an inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation saying "If the council has nothing to hide, it has nothing to fear."
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Records 11 to 20 of 33

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