Jane Collins MEP – “It is time to shake off the shackles of multiculturalism and get real integration and dialogu

UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman speaks out on the problems of integration and segregation following report on the state of UK communities


“It is time to shake off the shackles of the multicultural experiment and embrace an intra-cultural model that encourages integration, interaction and social inclusion.”

That was the verdict of UKIP Home Affairs Spokesman, Jane Collins MEP, following the publication of the Casey Review into Opportunity and Integration.

The report, authored by respected civil servant, Dame Louise Casey, highlighted how segregation, deprivation and social exclusion in some areas of Britain has coincided with a growth in "regressive" ideologies.

Commenting on the report, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Ms Collins said, “You only have to look at certain areas of my constituency to see that Dame Casey is highlighting a range of problems we can no longer afford to ignore.” 

“In Yorkshire, we have near ghettoisation in some areas; where people of different faiths and creeds are unwelcome to walk; where English is rarely spoken, and the rights and freedoms of individuals are not recognised due to imported cultural and religious dogmas. 

“From the exclusion of individuals from basic rights and the development of extra-judicial religious courts; to sexual exploitation and terrorism, we can no longer ignore the dangers encouraged by the failed multicultural experiment.

“These practices are simply unacceptable in a modern western society and must be challenged wherever they are found.”

“However, Dame Casey reserves special criticism for public bodies saying they, ‘too often ignore or condone these divisive or harmful religious practices for fear of being branded racist.’

“We have seen in places like Rotherham and Keighley how the failure to tackle these issues led to the sexual exploitation of hundreds of children through the authorities fears of being branded 'racist'.

“The fact is, politicians must have the political courage to face these issues head on and encourage a society that can fulfil its true potential.”

“That is why I am keen to see the adoption of an intra-cultural model of thinking that not only retains important aspects of imported culture, but also encourages integration, interaction and social inclusion of all members of society.

“I would also like to see more education provided on what it means to be British and the promotion of English as the only recognised language in the UK. 

“It is only by coming together as one nation, under one law, with one set of core values, that we can reach our potential, while still embracing the ethnically diverse makeup of today’s society.

“I hope that politicians from across the divide will now listen and implement Dame Casey’s recommendations, rather than ploughing forward with a cause that is divisive rather than inclusive. It’s time to put people first.


The Casey Review - A review into opportunity and integration



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Article first uploaded 05 December - 2016
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