"Theresa May to rule out the UK being part of EU schemes which may compromise the UK's independence"


UKIP Home Affairs spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP has called on Theresa May to rule out the UK being part of EU schemes which may compromise the UK's independence over Justice and Home Affairs.


Speaking after the Prime Minister made her speech outlining the government's 12 point Brexit plan Mrs Collins said she "wanted Mrs May to confirm the UK would not be part of schemes which are diametrically opposed to the independence the British people voted for, particularly in the transitional arrangements she mentioned."


"We cannot have the UK being part of EuroPol, the European Arrest Warrant or FRONTEX if we are to be a truly sovereign country," she said.


"These schemes require EU law to be supreme to UK law which is the fundamental legal basis underpinning the Brexit movement.


"Whilst I want Europe to have its own strong borders I want the UK's priorities to be on its own re-energised border agency, I want only UK law to apply in the UK and I do not want any of our military, police or other agencies being drafted in as part of an EU scheme, wearing the flag of that political bloc which the people of this country firmly rejected."


Ms Collins said the Prime Minister "must address these issues of sovereignty which were glossed over as if they were an aside rather than a central tenet of the principles of independence."


"I hope Mrs May will clarify these questions as they are intrinsic to whether or not we actually have true Brexit," she said.


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Article first uploaded 18 January - 2017
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