Jane Collins MEP responds to terror attacks in Manchester

No, I will not 'keep calm and carry on': innocent lives have been lost and we must not treat these murders as 'normal' in today's society.


The now famous slogan 'keep calm and carry on' poster from 1939 was designed as a motivational poster for people living in cities expecting to be bombed by the Nazis. But the UK wasn't just 'keeping calm': we had taken a stand like no other country in the world and declared war on a barbaric regime which was a global threat to peace and security.
Today, as we wait to hear news from Manchester following the slaughter and maiming of innocent children, we have people calling for us to do nothing. 
But it's not the same 'carry on' as in 1939: they want us to accept terror attacks as a part of life we should now accept. 
Well, I don't accept it.
How many people are we going to sacrifice on the alter of political correctness before we build up the courage to confront what most people will happily admit to their friends and family: that we are facing a continuing threat from radical Islam which hashtags and tea lights will not stop?
Hold your vigil, say your prayers, open up your houses to people seeking shelter from terror as those people in Manchester did last night. That is what makes us human and what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. It is also freedom of peaceful expression which I applaud. 
But what we must not do is allow this murder - and although we don't know for sure I would imagine it had something to do with fundamentalist Islam because all the others have been - to become part of our lives.
I support civil liberties but I support life more. I'd personally close down salafist mosques, deport hate preachers and crank up the money spent on the security services to stop potential terrorists sneaking through the net.
After the Westminster terror attacks I wrote a policy paper on combatting radicalisation in UK prisons. 
Theresa May was the Home Secretary for six years: what did she do to stop this? And what is she doing now?
I personally want to know what party leaders and people running to be the leader of this country for the next five years would do about combatting terrorism. How are we to know that if we silence ourselves and allow twitter trolls to tell us the only thing we can do or say today is write platitudes?
We cannot fight terrorism with tealights. We need real action and we need to stop sending money abroad in foreign aid when spending it on defence and security would mean that we could keep a closer eye on more people concerning our security services. 

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Article first uploaded 23 May - 2017
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