Year: 2018

Evolution of the British Political System

A country’s political system can be understood only by knowing about the history of the country. The British state has an unwritten constitution, over the time Britain and their constitution has evolved. The British were one of the greatest colonizers in world history, they never have been invaded or occupied, by any other country. Even the monarchy has evolved, the British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy, where most of the powers are vested on the people elected parliamentary.

British Parliament and Monarchy

It all started in 1215 when King John signed the Magna Carta, after which the absolute power of the crown, was shared with the barons. It is considered as the first attempt for rights of the citizen. In 1295, King Edward 1 summoned the first Model parliament, which was regarded as the very first assembly with public representatives. After this, the monarchs were required to get the permission of Parliament before new taxation, or any other public related topics. It was the in 1689 when the Bill of Rights was introduced and it brought some major changes in British politics. Bill of Rights decided the power distribution between the crown and parliament, basically, the power shifted from the crown to the parliament. Also, the made regular elections mandatory and gave the right to petition.

The three important pillars of British politics are the Ministers, the legislatures and the Judiciary. Monarch has a limited power over the country’s politics. Such kind of political system, provides power distribution, among the responsible institutions, so, there is no centralization of power. Such distributions of power make sure there is no misuse of power.

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The Two Houses

The parliament in Britain consists of two chambers, House of Common and House of Lords.

  • House of Common: The lower house, it consists of 650 members, the elected representatives, though the number of member keeps changing depending on the population growth. The house is chaired by the non-political speaker. The House of Common holds the most powers in the whole system.
  • House of Lords: The upper house, the number of members is not fixed, they have less power. The main role is to keep a check on the lower house and their activities. They have the power to block certain bills, but not for a long period.

Some features of the British Parliament

There are different committees for different issues, these committees are actually the place where most of the work is done. Debates and discussions are very much an important part of the British political system. Every bill is passed only after discussions and debates in both houses. The party in opposition can ask questions to the sitting government in public interest. The sessions of the parliament are recorded, and the print and broadcasting journalists are present in every session, so, the whole British political system is quite transparent.

The British political system has come a long way, and there are still working on improving it. The major evolution was the power shift from the monarchs to the representatives of people.

Knowing More About British Politics

The internet is responsible for eliciting a new wave of decision making with all the credits to the emergence of new tools for communication. Or in other simpler words, the emergence of ‘weblogs’. Ever since this term was coined, they have attained a proper definition and have evolved almost at a blistering pace. They have come to cover almost every aspect of our lives. Needless to say, Internet and especially the creation of blogs and its usage plays an integral part in the political arena. The weblog has been quick to bedazzle the crowd and influence them almost every time. There is something about this concept of being able to express yourself freely and lent strident opinions on political affairs without causing any substantial harm to your own self.

Involvement of the UK

For the longest time, the world has idolized a constitutional system similar to that of the British or, more specifically, Great Britain. Many major UK sites have shifted from rumor-mongering to a full political base blog that acts as a forum for many natives to voice out their opinions and views on the latest political proceedings. This is, as aforementioned, an integral part of decision making. People have even considered setting up their own personal blogs that reflect their political ideologies. It is more of a feeling of liberation than just feeling like a part of a group in decision making. Posts can be made instantly when you have enough material and it only takes a few minutes to compile and post. There are several other advantages, as this concept breaks the barriers of getting a job and putting a name on your opinions. Bloggers can demonstrate other bloggers views and either agree or disagree in a totally nonviolent manner. Political blogging is often referred to as ‘pub rant’ and the opinionated nature of participation in this field has gained popularity in the UK. Blogs have a very different meaning in Britain and are perceived in a lot of ways which is why most of the British political bloggers are divided by their own importance and not just their political ideology.

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While there are several personal blogs and websites available for the general reader and user to read, these are more or less run by individuals who don’t have an unbiased opinion most of the time. Every Individual present will have a different opinion and a different mindset while going into a particular topic or a specific sector of politics. He might be upset with the current state, or he might just go full our praising the current situations. There are a very few numbers of websites which allow the user to gain an unbiased knowledge-based upon facts and restricted knowledge. Finding such blogs or websites, hence, becomes very hard and over a period of time is almost impossible. In circumstances like these, it is left completely on the reader to identify and evaluate the situation based on all the available data, facts, and statements to correctly formulate their own opinion while also assessing all factors.

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